Multis e gentibus vires (Strength from many peoples)


Saskatchewan became a province in 1905. Its name is an adaptation of what the Cree called the great river that flows through the province, kisiskāciwani-sīpiy, which means ‘swift flowing river’. With its vast prairieland and seemingly limitless skies, the landscape creates a sense of boundless opportunity which has lured people from around the world to its borders. It has more hours of sunlight than any other province. Saskatchewan is Canada’s breadbasket.

The province’s rich and varied landscape and culture has inspired the artists and designers whose work is seen in Canada House’s Saskatchewan Room: the Saskatchewan Roughriders Canadian Football League team jerseys inspire the green leather chairs; Brian Hoxha’s watercolour panorama captures its ‘big sky’ countryside; and the tones and textures of Dorothy Knowles’ paintings are a tribute to the province’s waterways and forests, which also inspire Kyle Herranen’s bespoke carpet pattern.

Kyle Herranen carpet artwork
Kyle Herranen carpet artwork


Estevan, Saskatchewan, has almost twice as many hours of sunshine a year as Glasgow: 2,435 hours of bright sunshine a year to Glasgow’s 1,243. London has 1,460 hours of sunshine a year.

The province’s capital, Regina, was named after Queen Victoria. It was originally called ‘Pile o’ Bones’.

Musician Joni Mitchell was raised in Saskatoon, where her family moved when she was nine years old. In 2005 she released an album dedicated to the people of Saskatchewan called ‘Songs of a Prairie Girl’ to celebrate the province’s centennial.

Saskatchewan adopted Canada’s first universal healthcare system, which was later adopted by every province.

There is greater buoyancy for bathers in Little Manitou Lake near Watrous, Saskatchewan, than in the Dead Sea, thanks to its high mineral density.

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