Nova Scotia


Munit haec et altera vincit (One defends and the other conquers)


Surrounded by the Bay of Fundy, the Gulf of St Lawrence, the Gulf of Maine and the Atlantic, Nova Scotia is defined by the sea. You are never far from water, whether exploring the rugged coastal cliffs and wide sandy beaches, or inland, where vast stretches of pine forest are punctuated by lakes and spectacular waterfalls. The French were first to arrive from Europe. They settled alongside the indigenous Mi’kmaq and named the island peninsula Acadia.

The links between Nova Scotia and Scotland are more than just nominal — several hundred million years back along the geographical timeline, the two were physically connected. The Gaelic connection survives today, with ceilidhs, caber-tossing, bagpipe and fiddling music informing the province’s culture, alongside Acadian tradition and thriving First Nations heritage. Nova Scotia was one of the most active terminals of the Underground Railroad, the network of secret routes and safe houses that carried slaves to freedom from the US.

The Nova Scotia Room presents three distinct artistic interpretations of the province’s natural features. Janice Leonard’s June 20, 2001 #1 captures the relationship between land, sea and sky, whereas Richard T. Davis’s photo-realistic silkscreen print presents the rocky inland terrain. The carpet, based on a design by Wayne Boucher, is a Nova Scotia seascape in bold and brilliant blues.

Wayne Boucher carpet artwork
Wayne Boucher carpet artwork



You can still hear Gaelic spoken in Cape Breton, a testament to Nova Scotia’s links to Scotland.

Nova Scotia exports more lobster than any other place in the world.

A rich geological heritage of new fossils and gemstones is exposed every year in Nova Scotia by the massive movement of water on the Bay of Fundy.

 One of the best places to see the rare and endangered right whale is in Nova Scotia, because they mate in the Bay of Fundy. There are only about 400 North Atlantic right whales left in existence.

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